Simple • Natural • Local

Healthy Hound Dog Biscuits are artisan biscuits that are made in our small bakery in beautiful Oceanside, California. We bake with only the best quality human-grade natural ingredients. All our biscuits have that fresh-baked aroma that only a home-style biscuit can give

  • We bake with Bob’s Red Mill “Certified” gluten-free flours
  • Made with all Human-Grade natural ingredients
  • Homestyle biscuits baked in small batches
  • Proven healthy reciepes that dogs love

John Westover

Co-owner and Baker

john-westover John has enjoyed most of his professional career in the Baking Industry as a baker, merchandiser, and sales manager. In 2008 he created Bone Appetit Treats with the goal of baking fresh baked dog treats, cakes and pupcakes for the independently owned Pet stores in southern California. After working closely with Tori and the staff of Dexter’s Deli, he and Tori purchased Healthy Hound Products in 2013. John lives in Carlsbad with his wife Teri and Mugsy their Boston Terrier.

Tori Rosay


john-westover I am the original owner of a San Diego-based natural pet store with 2 locations: Dexter’s Deli. Since 1996 I have been a pioneer in the health food movement for pets here in San Diego, CA.

John Westover and I had worked together for over 6 years making Dexter’s Deli human-grade original receipe biscuits and pupcakes when in 2013 the opportunity came for us to purchase a long-standing natural biscuit manufacturer here in San Diego – Healthy Hound Products. Since Dexter’s Deli had already been offering these simple high-quality biscuits for 12 years it was a natural transition for us to collaborate together to relaunch the line with new packaging and add 3 flavors of all natural biscuits that Dexter’s Deli had already proven to be winners.

I am blessed to be able to “do what I love…and love what I do.” Integrity is my passion and Healthy Hound is another outlet for me to continue to express that passion.

What People Say

“Dogs usually never turn these biscuits down, they’re super fresh and the dogs really like them, many times dogs turn up their nose at biscuits because they’re stale or do not have a smell, not with Healthy Hound.”

Norm ~ Long Leash on Life, NM

“Ida is a 15 1/2 year old female Border Collie mix, who is in the last stages of life, and her food intake and digestion has become a determining factor in her health (not to mention cleaning up after her!). We recently tried the Apple & Oat flavor of the Healthy Hound Biscuits and were extremely impressed that, not only did she like them (given the fact that they are natural treats and she has spent her lifetime eating people food), but they helped clear up her digestive problems. I recommend them for any dog, and strongly recommend them for senior dogs.”

Jay Saber, Santa Cruz CA